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Instructions for use



Instructions for use in PDF (click here)



In order to improve its reservation system, ECHO Flight / DAC Aviation introduces a tool for booking via internet. The system is designed primarily for bookings "passengers". Cargo bookings will always be sent on cargo reservation form provided by the SOP.

Based on the Commitment Agreement document submitted by you, you will be sent a user name (login) and password. It is important to correctly perform the commitment agreement. The granting of the login and password depends on it. Rest assured that the "organization name", "project title" or "contract number" be placed on the form such as on your staff list when submitted to ECHO Flight Coordination Office. In case of difference, you will be asked to rectify or update your list to the Coordination. The instructions of use DO NOT, in any way, interfere with the confirmation procedure in the SOPs.

In case of connection failure to the system when you use Internet Explorer as your Web browser, other browsers are available on our website under Reservations> Browsers.

  1. 1.Official link of the ECHO Flight Online reservations system

  1. 2.Inside the ECHO Flight website

Various menus and submenus within the site of ECHO Flight bookings are:

-          Home : Home page

-          Service : Presentation of the ECHO Flight on ECHO Web page

-          Reservation: Access to, connection to reservation system/Login session, instructions of use, the terms and conditions, and Internet browser in case you have difficulty of access for online booking with the Internet Explorer browser. Please take note of the instructions and terms and conditions before use.

-          Flight Operations: Access to the schedule, SOPs, commitment agreement for those who have not yet applied.

-          Contacts: Contact ECHO flight: Coordination Office, Reservations Office, Partners Relation, and radio room.



Caution: Use for small request information, or urgent information ONLY. This menu does not replace the official email requests for TAR. It should not be misused.

-          Support: Help desk about using the online system or our services (PR and Radio Room).

-          Gallery: Photo album of the ECHO Flight service and operations.


  1. 3.Reservation Menu

Booking menu contains four main sub-menus.

-          Login : For connection to the reservation site

-          Instructions for use : Manual that you are currently reading

-          Terms & Conditions : For conditions of use of online reservations system

-          Browsers: As long as you have trouble connecting to the online system with Internet Explorer, the sub-menu allows you to download and install one of the proposed and compatible browsers on your computer.

How it works ?


After having completed and submitted the commitment agreement for ECHO Flight, a username and a password is sent to the mail addresses specified in the commitment agreement: your Login.

The username will usually come up this way: Organization_name-Project_identifier.

The username bind the organization to the project and therefore, the priority granted to the project. Project names are not always included in their entirety. Some projects will be reduced if too long but being careful to keep the resemblance to the project originally filed in the ECHO Flight Coordination.


NB : To obtain a login, make sure that your project is approved by Coordination Office and recorded. You are strongly recommended to write on the commitment agreement, the project name or contract number and Organization name as on the submitted and approved staff list. This process completed, you can submit your document at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After completing the login information in the required fields, click the Login button.




Option Menu

The page Option Menu provides three options:

-          Book Flight : Make a new booking


-          Edit Reservation: Edit an existing reservation

-          Logout : Exit the application.

-          Optional language: a language option button at the right bottom of the page, allows you to select your language preference. Two options are available: French or English. (By default the login page comes in English)


Book Flight:

This page opens the booking process that spans the following:

-          Dates: Selection of a flight, From-To, can be done one way or round trip. By knowledge of the flight schedule or not, you can specify search criteria from the departure or return date on a range of +/- 1, 3 or 7 days. The search will return the results found for this routing in the fixed time interval. The ability to book more passengers is also available by specifying the number of passengers in the area Passengers by default set to [1].


  1. : The title of your project is automatically listed on this page. To the extent that you can have access to many of your projects, you will return to select the right project for which you want to make the reservation.


Once all the information is completed, click on Find Flight. If you want to exit the application at this level or click back to the menu option, click Menu Page / Menu.


-          Flights: A display of flight/travel options allowing you to select the best choice of flights according to your program. This page may refer to a fixed flight or several flights according to the criteria established looking at the previous step. Select the flight of your convenience by clicking the button "Request seat" to activate the continue button and then click Continue. To start a new search click on Back to return to the previous page, or using the left shutter of the page you will allow you to do a new flight search: "Flight Requirements".


-          Passengers: The information on your passengers is required. In case you make a reservation for a passenger who has already been requested a seat, a search button on the first or last name of the person will help you more easily complete the information of the passenger. ECHO Flight only dealing with an organization or project, it is important to know that information about the address, phone number and email are those of the organization or project that prevail and not the traveler personal contacts. Preferably, this information must be identical to those completed in the commitment agreement.

Once completed page, clicks continue.


-          Confirmation: Check the terms and conditions box is required to confirm the booking made. It is important to ensure that the information completed is correct. If there are changes to be done, click Back, otherwise, click Continue


-          Finish: The booking process is completed. An email confirmation of your booking will be sent to the addresses made at time of booking. At this level, you have four options: Print Page, Book again, Edit reservation or Menu page.


Caution: It is very important to know that the email you receive is not always a confirmation for a seat but a proof that the booking process is completed. The reservation status, "Waitlisted" or "Confirmed" of the application is mentioned in the email attachment. Thank you to always have a look on it. In the event that your status is "Waitlisted", you are kindly asked to call to confirm your seat according to SOPs deadlines. After, a second email confirming the booking will follow as soon as possible (24 hours before flight). This last email (attachment) with reservation status “confirmed” is to be printed and show at the airport as a ticket. Beyond this time, you will need to contact the reservations office concerned by the request.

Edit Reservation:

It is possible to modify an existing reservation in system in the days before the flight, always in accordance with the reservations time limits, 48 hours before the flight at noon.
Editing a book, you can:

-          Cancel Booking ;

-          Modify à routing ;

-          Cancel à routing ;

-          Audit reservation: to control the access to the reservation but also see if your booking is indeed confirmed by the Reservations Office.

-          View itinerary ;



  1. CautionFor cancellations of a passenger out of a booking of group it is best that you contact the Online Support service to help clear this process.


Note : It is important to edit the booking if necessary, to avoid no-show and penalties for this purpose. SOP cf. Section 2.5, pg - 9.


Logout :

Exit the system. It is necessary to exit the system when finished booking or editing to release the server. Automatically, you will be disconnected from the system after a long time of inactivity. However, it is better not to wait that long.



Thank you to have chosen ECHO Flight/DAC AVIATION and we wish you a pleasant flight!